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One of the
Martial Science Grandmasters

To Unveil his Secrets Of Warriorship
"Martial Science is the study of resolving conflict in one's favor. Wherefore, success is not necessarily measured by victory or defeat but first in the perfection of one's character. To achieve this perfection one must possess a prepared spirit, mind and body and the capability to harmonize all three attributes under times of extreme stress... The way in which this is achieved, are the

"The Secrets Of Warriorship"

I teach SEALs, Navy Pilots, Police Officers and other professionals whose lives depend on their training. I can do this in good conscience, as I am exposing them to what I believe is the very best thing out there for producing real results, without having to abandon what you already know and can do, Frank Dux’s FASST course truly is:
“America’s first premier and truly original Martial Science,”
- Tang So Do, Grandmaster, Gary Amen -
US Naval Base Instructor, Coronado

 I’ve trained my whole life and thought I’d seen and practically done it all, from Judo/Jujiitsu, JKD, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, etc… The very first FASST/Dux Ryu Seminar I took affected me and everyone I know who has ever attended, dramatically. As the Dux system is as he says, not theoretical but empirical, comprised of real combat tested and proven tactics with scientific reproducible results, that make up new principles and a new bio-mechanical technology, one that is not just another quick fix or empty promise adaptation of the run of the mill classical martial arts or the so called latest defensive tactics system or any combination, therein… As a direct result, it increased my performance after it I thought it couldn’t get any better.  So significantly, that now martial arts masters that are my senior, with twice the time in experience in the martial arts are turning to me for training advise. In one case, one well known master’s students seeing the overwhelming change I was able to instill in my students using FASST, and his students are now demanding changes in their training from him!

“Frank Dux’s FASST program is what the Martial Arts
Is supposed to be…”

- Sensei, Sky Benson-
Burien, Washington

 It’s my job to evaluate and recommend defensive tactics programs,
all I can say is
“FASST/Dux Ryu is light years ahead of anything out there”
 – Officer, Larry Eklund, Defensive Tactics Instructor,
Oxnard Police Department

The Founder Of FASST, Who is Frank Dux?
(Abbreviated biography)

In 1980, long before the Ninja craze, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux founded:
The First American system of Ninjitsu, Dux Ninjitsu, later popularly shortened and referred to as, Dux Ryu.  
However, not unlike Myamoto Musashi and all the other great martial arts masters that are RELEGATED TO HISTORY, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux continued to evolve to found a truly unique and
original system, now entitled: FASST/Dux Ryu.
While once rooted in traditional Koga Yamabushi Ninjitsu and the Martial Sciences,

An UNMATCHED experience, one that inevitably had transformed Hanshi, Frank W. Dux into becoming, without question, one of the most celebrated, recognized, respected and acclaimed leading combat strategists and tactics authorities in the world, today.

His empirical and rare first hand knowledge of real combat, had inescapably forced Hanshi, Frank W.  Dux to adapt, improvise, improve and change his fighting, not only in order to dominate in his professional no-holds-barred-fights but in his having to overcome real life lethal threats that he encountered while a covert operative and evaluating an implementing tactics as a consultant to elite military and police units, world-wide.

His unique insights and contributions are considered life saving, amongst those charged with neutralizing a lethal or combative threat… Special Forces, Private High Risk Security, HRT, SWAT, Special Operations Command, Black Operations and Law Enforcement Personnel. Thus, his contributions and the sacrifices he made to prove their worth resulted in his being titled: "Knight Chevalier" in the Miami Police Hall of Fame.

Notably, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux is named as a source contributor in the creation, evaluation and implementation of the elite U.S. Navy SEAL Special Warfare Operations Combat CFC Manual (K431-0097)

Hanshi, Frank W. Dux real life exploits and courage is elaborated upon by notable former covert agent, Iran Contra paymaster, Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Martin, USN, (ret.) in the media and under penalty of perjury, in testimony, as well as, former Soviet, Major General, Anatoly Korneinko, as documented in the 1996 book, The Secret Man, HarperCollins; that chronicles Hanshi, Frank W. Dux life, as named as:

“One Of America’s Most Lethal Covert Operatives.”

Hanshi, Frank W. Dux
is the undisputed

1975 to1980 (undefeated)
No Holds Barred
World Heavy Weight Kumite Champion

And is the holder of
16 World Records,
still intact, as depicted in the cult classic film

Based on true events in his life.

Frank Dux 1975


Even as youngster, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux distinguished himself. 
Warner Bros. Studio Publicity/Advertising Director (1968-1972), Joseph Sinda,
declared in a July, 2002, Video Documentary:

“One of the most memorable things working with Bruce Lee, as a publicist
he asked me to find Dux, where is Frank Dux?”

At last count, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux is a qualified Master Instructor
in 22 Different Martial Art and Defensive Tactics Disciplines.
Of whom, his Mentors include:


Senzo “The Tiger” Tanaka:

Asia’s infamous Kumite Legend, whom Ian Fleming based his character “Tiger Tanaka” upon in his book “You Only Live Twice” – as Ian Fleming was a Deputy Director for MI5, while Kushinige Tanaka’s family spearheaded Japan’s spying activities in England, (circa 1930’s); as documented in Kampai Tai, The History of The Japanese Secret Service, Japan’s Imperial War Museum Records, etc.  Ian Fleming was renowned for basing his characters on real people, e.g. “M” stood for whom MI5 Deputy Director Ian Fleming served under, Admiral Menzies - Director of British Intelligence.
Jack Seki:

USA Former Jujitsu Champion, who was raised and
trained in Japan at the turn of the 20th Century by the legendary Founder of Judo, Professor, Jigaro Kano.
Charles B. Fisher:

founder of YMCA Karate Programs and trained under Yamaguchi and Grandmaster Pai, considered
one of the leading American Martial Arts Authorities in the USA, since the 1960’s, an icon.

Bill Ryusaki:

whom aside from being his close friend he was a teacher to Bruce Lee,
Benny “the Jet” Urquidez World Kickboxing Champion, Cecil Peoples and other martial art greats.
Ed Parker:

the “Father of American Karate”
and teacher to Bruce Lee, Danny Inosanto, Mike Stone, Al Tracy, Elvis Presley and many other celebrated martial artists.
Colonel, Rex Applegate:

OSS Officer, co-founder of the World War II Combat Fighting Systems still in use today by Special Forces, worldwide.
Plus, many notable others, several of which can never be mentioned, actively engaged in covert activities… 


Hanshi, Frank W. Dux
has been inducted into no less than
ALL FIVE of the Elite Martial Art Hall’s of Fame
“A Living Legend” 
Action Martial Arts Magazine, Hall Of Fame, 2001

“What Babe Ruth is to American Baseball
Frank Dux is to the World Of Martial Arts.”
- Ed Parker


And while necessity is the mother of all invention, it is genius and experience which is its’ proud father, as one can see for their self now, merely, in acquainting oneself with the founder of FASST one can now, appropriately, appreciate:
What is FASST/ Dux Ryu And Why Is It Different?

To focus on what is and is not FASST/Dux Ryu is to attempt to focus on a shadow cast by lightening.  Like a shadow it takes its shape from the one who is cast by it.  It behaves with unbridled unpredictability; with know way of determining when and where it will strike next with a thunderous explosive power that is quicker than one can imagine or the eye can follow.  This is what it means, metaphorically, to think, to be FASST/Dux Ryu.
FASST/Dux Ryu is a process, a philosophy as well as a form of empirical technology, that anyone can adopt and apply to overcome adversity.  For instance, to enhance personal growth in one’s life in the business world or when addressing personal relationships, as it identifies what it describes as the various Dynamics and Dimensions of Conflict, as well as provides one with the ability to formulate a set of Rules Of Engagement., the self imposed laws eliminating indecision and hesitation.
It is created with the intent of being forthright but flexible in meeting the unique characteristics of every individual.  Regardless of their skill level or prior training.


Contrary to many other training systems, FASST/Dux Ryu operates only on empirical experience, void, otherwise, esoteric, theoretical assumptions that cannot be tested or duplicated to reproduce the same results with consistency. 
Conceptually, FASST/Dux Ryu, in learning the technology is
comparatively like learning all the notes and bars that make up music and, thereby, this fundamental knowledge enables the individual to be inspired by their own situation and abilities to create and compose their own harmonies; as it is no coincidence that mortal combat is described as a dance of death.

To take control of a lethal threat is to be the composer who sets the tempo, the one who directs the timing and rhythm, which can only be punctuated by those who are skilled in combat’s fundamental complexities and, as well, can harmonize them, with impromptu originality – the byproduct of understanding and applying the Secrets Of Warriorship.
In simpler terms, in the same manner, using FASST/Dux Ryu when fighting one can adapt and combine individual learned techniques, that which best serves their individual strengths and weaknesses and in place of reacting one is acting by controlling the rhythm and pace of every fighting action in their favor (i.e. which can be achieved by one’s mastery over the Angles of Evasion and Attack, the laws governing footwork and strikes).


Thusly, one is avoiding the pitfalls like that of the five foot tall, 300 lbs, obese man or woman who has enrolled in a rigid traditional martial arts class for self-defense.  Where it is expected that they must conform, arguably “to keep the style pure.” Regardless of the apparent fact, that they are physically incapable of utilizing the style to its’ fullest potential.


For instance, being taught no alternative but to attempt to kick above the waist by which to defend their self from an attacker, because the mastery of kicking is the central focus of the self-defense system.  Unable to optimize their full abilities, logic dictates that these practitioners are always going to be left more vulnerable and limited than necessary.
In the case of FASST/Dux Ryu, while kicking is taught, the vast arsenal of techniques, topic range and the flexibility of the system will enable the same obese man or woman to discover and optimize their weight and size in a manner by which to be exploited.


For example, the obese weight becomes a tactical advantage when this practitioner is now concentrating on power punching, grappling and choke out techniques where their size provides them an advantage over a less formidable/sizable aggressor.  
As well, the opposite holds true as a smaller frailer person would have little or a poor chance of trying to strong-arm and wrestle someone to the ground twice their size.  However, the smaller size and wiry stature makes them exceptionally deadly in a lethal situation where they could attack the lower extremities, the femoral artery and puncture it with ease, producing death in even a giant of a man within seconds.


The FASST/Dux Ryu trainee does not conform to the system or must abandon what they know or the system of martial art or defensive tactics system they follow but rather, the FASST/Dux Ryu system is specifically designed to meet the trainee’s individual needs and abilities, as well as make them keenly aware of not only the inherent vulnerabilities they posses but how to determine in a split second those strengths of their aggressor’s, which are to be avoided to prevail.


In short, FASST/Dux Ryu is a compilation of the Secrets of Warriorship. It is the amplifier, the natural steroid, the edge, the catalyst to ignite and fire up the spirit to compliment and accentuate and expand one’s spirituality, physicality and mental capabilities and skills.  Thus, producing measurable results far exceeding personal expectations, in the shortest time possible.
FASST/Dux Ryu is the compilation of the Secrets Of Warriorship that makes it particularly suited to assisting the already trained martial artist or defensive tactics practitioner who is experiencing a lull, a plateau in their performance and growth.
With FASST/Dux Ryu’s breakthrough technology, insights and secrets, one does not have to throw away or abandon one’s style or prior knowledge.  As just the opposite holds true as all styles are connected by virtue of human biomechanics..


The whole premise of FASST/Dux Ryu is based upon the integration and application of technology, education of laws and principles that better enable, fortify and teach one to apply and integrate their prior experience and training in a superior manner that best compliments the practitioner’s style,  
Success or failure is solely based upon one’s new ability to fully comprehend and utilize the Secrets of Warriorship, as identified and codified by martial arts legend, Frank Dux. 
FASST is the product of a lifetime of study and a unique insightful experience.


While tactics and abilities will vary from individual to individual based on the above facts, it is because of the methodology, education materials and technology being employed by FASST/Dux Ryu, the same empirical rules and principles apply, linking all trainees, similarly.
However, FAAST/Dux Ryu is not solely confined in its training methodology to only incorporate or primarily rely upon a set of theoretical or empirically defined movements in and of themselves, as in alternative martial arts styles and defensive tactics programs. 
As stated before, FAAST/Dux Ryu is not absent in addressing the mindset and/or academics involved, especially, regarding threat level 4, lethal confrontations. 

Typically, the two subjects of a prepared spirit and academics are abandoned or are un-incorporated by alternative training/defensive tactics systems, leaving their students to their own devices, abandoned.

Another differentiating factor that separates it from traditional training courses is that the FASST/Dux Ryu system is of the belief that while a pre-determined combination of reflexive movements increases instinct and response time it also sets limits on flexibility and adaptability, and makes one predictable in real combat – vulnerable to attack, in light of the fact that combat is always changing and will take on a life of its own, due to environmental constrictions and a host of other variables.  Variables that cannot be anticipated in advance of those practiced responses/techniques that one is expected to utilize when threatened.

One of the first Secrets of Warriorship is that “the effectiveness of an aggressor is chiefly determined by the aggressor’s capability to predict one’s responses and counter/engage those responses with devastating results.”  
Hence, EXPLOSIVE SPEED and POWER take precedence over flowery fluidity or predictablestylized form. 
Efficiency and ferocity, explosive speed and power are the main components that dictate what is and is not useful by FASST/Dux Ryu standards and is the long established evidence proving the Secrets Of Warriorship, are hard at work.

For example, where others are prancing around while wielding a blade will tend to slash, utilizing FAAST/Dux Ryu technology of the “Angles of Evasion in relation to the Angles of Attack,” one is enabled to thrust by vectoring in footwork to create the shortest distance and time to negate any attack as fast as possible, by being the one delivering the first decisive fatal blow.
Increasing endurance by expending less energy; explosive speed and efficiency of motion makes it viable for a FASST/Dux Ryu trainee to combat multiple attackers.
 The ability to respond and dispatch a lethal threat quickly enables the trainee to come to the aid of teammates or others in danger of being overpowered, injured or killed.

Another aspect that differentiates FASST/Dux Ryu from alternative martial arts and defensive tactics courses in the way they are and have been taught, is that the FASST/Dux Ryu training philosophy is truly grounded in The Secrets Of Warriorship; as it begins by identifying and then developing in synchronicity a training program that addresses the three critical characteristic attributes of a warrior – Spirit, Mind and Body.
Three characteristics that which must be superior to that possessed by any aggressor’s, principally, if one is to be truly centered to neutralize a lethal threat.

The characteristics of Spirit, Mind and Body are the grave variables, if impacted, that which determine all outcomes in any form of conflict.  It is the means by which to be grounded in handling everyday life adversity. 
However, one’s examination of Spirit, Mind and Body, is best known as being employed to dissect an aggressor and to discover their vulnerabilities, in relation to one’s own. And thereby, formulate a proper strategy and employ the appropriate techniques to control the situation and resolve conflict in one’s favor – this is the way of the FASST/Dux Ryu Trainee and the Peaceful Warrior that which the great Chinese Strategist Sun Tzu describes as “the ultimate form of Warriorship.”
Most martial arts and defensive tactics systems when they do address these three attributes, the concept they profess of harmonizing is always in the order of Mind, Body Spirit, and which is left generally open to interpretation, if queried. 
And whereas, by FASST/Dux Ryu philosophy, these individuals have the very order mixed up as it is always about having the proper spirit first (mindset).
The mind which is most often confused by the ill trained with meaning the mindset but actually represents the academics of combat and body, which the majority of today’s Martial Arts practitioners also misinterpret or have been neglected to be taught its proper meaning by only referring to one’s physicality – neglecting to include potential as in the body of their work of past and future, as in how their character is perceived by others and themselves, as well. “Face” 
The actual techniques for harmonizing Spirit, Mind and Body posses proven results, but are unfortunately not being taught in the dojo and are now seemingly lost due to circumstances beyond the average martial arts instructor’s control or understanding.  However, FASST/Dux Ryu incorporates the old lost ways with the new.
Unlike other systems that have become watered down to meet modern day commercial needs and consumer demands of instant gratification, or just as a matter of the passing of time and knowledge lost from one generation to the next,
everything in FASST/Dux Ryu in its conveyance of the Secrets Of Warriorship, leaves no concept or principle left open to interpretation, assumption or change; as exemplified by the way these Warrior characteristics of Spirit, Mind and Body are defined by FASST/Dux Ryu:


One’s Mindset, the Focus, the Proactive vs. Reactive ability to utilize fear and be committed to engage in conflict to the point of being unwavering in the face of overwhelming odds, etc.


The Academics
(knowledge of Strategy and Tactics)
and the ability to create, adapt, perceive
and alter a course of action to
produce a desired result, etc.


One’s explosive speed, the tactics,
the physical capabilities one possess:
endurance, trauma conditioning, timing, range, reflexive and instinctive reaction
as well as
proactive/offensive limitations, etc.
The essence of person and what they project,
as a member of society,
as in one’s body of accomplishments
and work (merchant, artisan, doctor, etc).
How one is to be perceived by others - that the Japanese Samurai calls: “Face”


One can be the fastest, strongest and most skilled opponent (body) but, without the skill to develop the proper will (spirit) or the ability to develop the academics to determine when and when not to strike (mind), all is vanity. 
Akin to the scenario in the motion picture Raider’s of The Lost Ark, where a sword wielding antagonist is so consumed by his own ego
(poor spirit) in “show boating” his awesome abilities with two swords (body) that he losses sight of the advantage of the surprise attack (mind).  Only to end up, nonchalantly, comically, shot to death by a merely annoyed “ho hum” protagonist, Indiana Jones.
On its face, with little or no attention being given to the development and enhancement of the human spirit and/or the scientific academics, especially, surrounding lethal combat, and by one only concentrating chiefly on physicality (i.e. how to grapple, kick or punch) --

A vulnerable spirit and indecisive mind (no strategy) is prone to produce predictable responses and react, further inappropriately, which in lethal confrontations puts one at an extreme disadvantage.  And which usually produces another predictable result – DEATH.
A false sense of security and/or indecision is the principle reason attributed as to why most martial arts and defensive tactics practitioners and instructors when put to the real test will meet defeat or disappointment in their performance in spite of the fact that they have studied and trained diligently and rigorously for many years.

Primarily, their defeat is the result of faulty preparation – with their focusing only on the body (physicality) practicing rigid combinations, sets of techniques (the routine defense against a chock, punch, kick, etc.). 
As a direct result
their skills are honed without proper intensity in a controlled environment (non-contact or protected sparring sessions with set rules).

Thus, they will inevitably find themselves, as anyone, flustered by unfamiliar territory - unable to respond in the same graceful manner as they had trained to do so in their schools.  That is, when confronted with an actual do or die no holds barred attack (as well as, typically, when engaged in no-holds-barred full contact sparring)  - an uncontrolled environment .

Facing death or real bodily injury, the unfamiliar intensity level now fueling the adrenal glands, everything soon becomes even more unfamiliar to them, fueling the anxiety, that which attacks the spirit through heightened fear which impedes the mind from adapting and executing a sound strategy that could end the combat. 
That is why FASST/Dux Ryu without jeopardizing safety, incorporates and posses a technology that duplicates as close as possible real life conditions. 
For example, in FASST/Dux Ryu knife sparring is done NOT WITH rubber or wooden knives but stun guns that will inflict real pain and temporary paralysis,
to reinforce true feedback of tactics -- as to what and what does not work for the individual FASST trainee.
The aforementioned deficiencies in training – a lack of realism, underdevelopment of the spirit and ignorance of academics (to the point of being forced to react than act on the spot, with a strategy) more often than naught results in leaving anyone vulnerable to their own inflated ego. 
And certainly, incapable of taking full advantage of exposing their opponent’s weaknesses by being too consumed with their own.

Everyday, this fact is further exemplified by the all too common heard of scenario -- where a martial arts or defensive tactics practitioner brutally awakens to discover themselves pinned on the ground or unable to react before being struck by an untrained thug -- as the practitioner is resembling a deer caught in the headlights, faced with unaccustomed pain and/or real danger.  Frozen in a state of fear of unbelief and in denial, this is really happening.

For the trainee to acquire the means necessary to synchronize Spirit, Mind and Body, especially, in the face of a real life lethal threat, Frank Dux identifies that this is accomplished by the employment of his empirically tested technology to the critical components that define and shape a Warrior, the components that make up the acronym FASST:

FASST Is An Acronym That Stands For:
The Mindset; concentrated effort; decisions made in advance; the ability to utilize fear and decide without distraction or hesitation on a course of action: (i.e. centered to the point of being unwavering in the face of overwhelming odds, death, etc.).
Voluntary or intended behavior as opposed to forced behavior/being Proactive vs. Reactive.  Those definable observable acts that demonstrate ones commitment: (i.e. physically engaging in conflict not out of panic but wisdom).
Individual characteristics gained through experience and training. the physical capabilities one possess: e.g. explosive speed, endurance, trauma conditioning, timing, range, reflexive and instinctive reaction as well as proactive/offensive limitations, etc.
Long term aims: the ability to develop, create, adapt, perceive; to devise a plan of action to achieve a goal/result,
“The toolbox” - the methodology of finding and implementing the means to achieve particular immediate short-term aims. (The science of organizing and maneuvering - in battle, to achieve a limited and immediate aim i.e. using the set maneuvers for defending oneself from a slashing knife or a front thrust kick).

Mr. Frank Dux being the originator of the FASST system and being a prominent Grand Master in the martial arts, in keeping with martial art traditions a new battlefield style is as a matter of honor and FOR ACCOUNABILTY sake, takes its name after the style’s founder. 
As in the case of the Yagyu-Ryu school that takes its name from its founder’s family name, Yagyu, four centuries ago.Because much of the FASST system’s roots are based in many traditional martial arts, but primarily, Dux Ryu Ninjitsu, the FASST system also bares the name Dux Ryu.
“Ryu” means the “way of” the “root of” or “family of”  --  Dux.

Notably, what differentiates FASST/Dux Ryu from Dux Ryu Ninjitsu is the fact that FASST/Dux Ryu flows from Frank Dux’s own empirical knowledge. 
FASST/Dux Ryu is lacking the Koga Yamabushi traditions and those techniques that do not conform to Hanshi, Frank W. Dux’s theories and science of combat
(e.g. Mr. Frank W. Dux’s Rules ofEngagement, Twelve Angles of Attackand Evasion, Integration and Application of the Body’s Weapons, etc.).
And as FASST/Dux Ryu employs its very own distinct methodology, integration and application of skill sets, those techniques that are taught, posses completely separate learning objectives in that they are categorized by:  Focus, Action, Skill, Strategy and Tactics, which is an application not to be found in Dux Ryu Ninjitsu or any other Martial Art or Defensive Tactics System, to date.


As stated, previously, Dux Ryu Ninjitsu, is a system of Martial Science possessing the essential principles and traditions of the Koga-Yamabushi (Koga mountain warrior) society.  From which the infamous Ninja descended as well as the modern day Yakuza and Kampai Tai -- Japan’s organized crime and intelligence services. 

Both groups had worked hand in hand when Japan sought world domination prior to its military defeat, in 1945. 
Both groups are empirically knowledgeable of stealth and assassination, carrying out or neutralizing many other forms of lethal threats, as well. 
Dux Ryu Ninjitsu includes many subjects not covered by FASST/Dux Ryu.  Such as, topic areas of stealth training, healing arts, techniques dealing with wielding classical martial art weapons, etc.
FASST/Dux Ryu emphasizes tactical proficiency in wielding modern weapons systems as to their proper use - (e.g. CQB (Close Quarter Battle) firearms training and executive protection courses, etc.) as well as, instilling in FASST/Dux Ryu trainees a high skill in the use of environmental, edged, flailing and blunt weapons. 
Both systems teach, however, improvised weapons systems – as in creating them (e.g. fashioning a firearm by just visiting one’s local office supply store).
However, one must not lose sight of the fact that Dux Ryu Ninjitsu is the womb for the conception and nurturing of the system - FASST/Dux Ryu.  If there never had been Dux Ryu Ninjitsu there in all likelihood would be no such system as FASST/Dux Ryu. 
Similar in its relationship as to what Aikido is to Aiki-jitsu and Judo is to Jujitsu, and Bruce Lee’s infamous Jeet Kune Do is to Lee’s original roots, Jun Fan Kung Fu, Lee’s original derivative from his more traditional roots, Wing Chun Kung Fu.

“In the face of an unbridled storm mankind has named great adversity, to be like a tree that will not bend, is to be broken. Therefore, the flexibility to adapt is our way, Dux Ryu.
And like a tree that survives the hurricane, ultimately, this ability is only made possible by its’ deep roots, that which is our legacy… Dux Ryu Ninjitsu and its noble guardians”

For a better understanding of FASST/Dux Ryu
be sure to check out the Complimentary Training Tips
in the menu section listed below for your convenience.

When your life is on the line…
You Gotta think


Focus – Action – Skill – Strategy – Tactics

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control there exist those unscrupulous frauds who claim to be qualified and credentialed teachers of Dux Ryu Ninjitsu, Dux Ryu and other Martial Arts and Martial Sciences. Several have even registered on the internet the Dux name to promote their own selfish and dishonorable interests by attaching themselves or systems or colleges of martial arts to Hanshi, Frank W. Dux.


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